Logan Absolute Return (AR) is a short-duration strategy with the objective of outperforming short-term interest rates while preserving capital. When compared to cash, money markets, and CDs, the mandate offers higher returns with low risk levels.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investment Style

Investments represent a particularly attractive area of the yield curve that has historically offered consistent annual total rate of return and no annual period of negative returns

Investments selected through a three-part analysis: top-down macroeconomic analysis, sector/industry and fundamental company analysis, and technical analysis to confirm security selection—leading to selection and investment in “secular” growth companies whose earnings are less affected by economic cycles

Performance Highlights

Investments are always investment grade with a maximum average duration of less than three years

Strategy Managers
David K. Kafes, CFA® Analyst
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Al Besse Principal, Portfolio Manager
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Stephen S. Lee Principal, Portfolio Manager
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Dana H. Stewardson Principal, Portfolio Manager
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