Logan Dividend Performers Balanced (DPB) is a combined equity and fixed-income strategy that seeks both dividend growers and higher-quality, short- to intermediate-term fixed-income holdings. The diversified balanced accounts are designed to blend growth of principal with principal protection and income to potentially achieve above-average risk-adjusted returns.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investment Style

Equity portion of balanced accounts possesses inherent defensive characteristics that can protect wealth during down markets

Equity candidates demonstrate at least five consecutive years of dividend growth and market capitalizations exceeding $2 billion, with consistent growth in earnings, revenues, and dividends; a sustainable competitive advantage; high free cash flow; and superior margins and solid ROE

Fixed-income portion of balanced accounts seeks to minimize risk and capture attractive current income and above-average total return

Seeks diversified holdings across U.S. Treasuries, federal agencies, and higher-quality corporate bonds, managed to two- to six-year durations

Performance Highlights

Short- to intermediate-term fixed-income maturities that traditionally limit risk from price volatility

A potentially “win by not losing” approach where expectations are often greatest during periods of market weakness

Strategy Managers
Christopher P. O’Keefe, CFA® Managing Director
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Wayne M. Breisch, CFA® Managing Director
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Christopher Ouimet, CFA® Managing Director
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Sarah J. Henry Managing Director
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