Logan Large Cap Growth (LCG) is a true large-growth strategy. Slightly on the aggressive side, LCG pairs well with growth at a reasonable price (GARP) and large cap value strategies.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investment Style

Fairly concentrated at 40–50 U.S.-traded stocks, each with >$5B minimum capitalization at time of purchase

Seeks companies that benefit from an economic tailwind, deliver increased earnings tied to pricing power, and have a technical profile that confirms strong business fundamentals

Investments selected through a three-part analysis: top-down macroeconomic analysis, sector/industry and fundamental company analysis, and technical analysis to confirm security selection—leading to selection and investment in “secular” growth companies whose earnings are less affected by economic cycles

Performance Highlights

Maximum sector exposure is the greater of 2x the Russell 1000 Growth Index weighting, or 20% of the portfolio

High-conviction portfolio with low annual portfolio turnover (typically <35%) and high active share (differentiated significantly from the benchmark)

Strategy Managers
Al Besse Principal, Portfolio Manager
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Stephen S. Lee Principal, Portfolio Manager
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Dana H. Stewardson Principal, Portfolio Manager
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