Logan Global Growth combines Logan’s top-down growth approach with globally sourced holdings, identifying 60–80 American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and U.S.-traded stocks with a minimum market cap of $1 billion.

Investment Style

Seeks companies that benefit from an economic tailwind, deliver increased earnings tied to pricing power, and have a technical profile that confirms strong business fundamentals

Employs a four-part selection process: top-down macroeconomic analysis; specific sector/industry and fundamental company analysis; technical analysis to confirm security selection and guide buy/sell and entry/exit points; and final selection of “secular” growth companies whose earnings are less affected by economic cycles

Performance Highlights

High-conviction portfolio with low annual portfolio turnover (typically under 35%) and high active share (differentiated significantly from the benchmark)

Has netted 9.1% returns since the strategy’s inception (4/30/15)

Strategy Managers
Al Besse Principal, Portfolio Manager
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Stephen S. Lee Principal, Portfolio Manager
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Dana H. Stewardson Principal, Portfolio Manager
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